The July 1 barbecue this year was our best yet! Not only did visitors who were in Eastport for the holiday weekend show up, but we enjoyed seeing regulars who have been coming year after year. We even had a couple of people stop by the day before who wanted to check that we still offer a "takeout" option, or to make sure that we were preparing the same ribs the same way that we have in the past! 

We showcased the capabilities of our new kitchen and processing facility by adding a pan-seared Cobscook Bay scallop appetizer to the menu. We could barely cook them fast enough. In the words of one happy diner, "That is a Cobscook Bay scallop!" It's safe to say that they'll be back on the menu again next year!

Not only do we want to thank everyone who came out to have a good meal and support the Resource Center, but we especially want to thank everyone who donated their time and their cooking skills. Our huge thanks to Heidi Leighton for being the organizing force behind this year's event. Board members and friends of the Resource Center produced multiple varieties of potato salad and coleslaw, and brought homemade yeast rolls and the ripest watermelons they could find. As we all know, the success or failure of any barbecue rests with the skill of the grillmasters; great thanks to Ed Leighton and Greg Johnson for a job well done once again!

Many thanks to Ed at R&M IGA for getting us 100 lbs of the ribs we wanted, when we needed them. Thanks as well to the Eastport Port Authority for lending us the extra chairs; to Ed French for putting together a great-looking ad in the Quoddy Tides and, of course, to the Eastport 4th of July Committee for organizing and promoting a great Old Home Week!

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